#DariaRemix How-to

To take part in the #DariaRemix contest you will need a Google+ account.
Don't have Google+? Get your account here

If you don't have a Soundation account one will be created for you when you launch the remix song. This account comes with a 30 day free trial of our Intro account.

If you already have a Soundation account with the same email as your Google account. You will be automatically logged in when entering the hangout.

If you are using a different email for your Soundation account you will need to change it to your gmail to be able to sign in with Google. To do this, log in to soundation.com. Go to 'My Account' then 'Manage Account'. Type in the new email and fill in your password in all three password boxes.

Launch the remix through the link on #DariaRemix or click the Hangout picture below. It will automatically load the song with the remix parts in a Soundation Hangout. When/if asked, allow Google Hangouts access.

Please be patient. Depending on your connection the remix stems may take a minute to load

Start a Hangout

If you want to do the remix with your friends you can invite them to your Hangout from the left hand menu. Make sure your friends join after the song has been fully loaded.

If you’re invited to join a hangout you will either get an email notification or receive the call directly in your Google account where you can choose to join. When in the hangout click the Soundation Daria remix app in the left hand menu to launch the studio and join your friends in creating the song.

Soundation Studio comes with a large selection of loops that are royalty free to use for any production you make in Soundation Studio. Under the free library is also a folder named Daria Remix containing all the loops and stems for the remix. The stems are for use in this remix only.

To listen to the loops in the Library double click on the loop or hit the speaker icon in the lower right corner.

Once you find a loop you like drag it into the sequencer to an audio channel.

After dragging a clip into the arrangement, you can loop the clip by clicking and dragging the upper right corner. You can also set the start and end position of an audio clip by dragging the lower left and right corners.

You can close and open the library to give you more workspace by clicking the Library icon in the lower right corner

To add new audio channels click on the “+” symbol in the lower right corner. Use audio channels for audio/.wav file clips. The plus symbol with a music note next to it adds a blue coloured instrument channel. An instrument channel is for using the Virtual Instruments and MIDI clips.

You can change the instrument for the channel in the drop down menu where it says “Simple”.

You can use MIDI clips from the Free Library to use with the Instrument Channel, or create your own MIDI clips by double clicking in the arrangement to the right of the channel. You can’t preview MIDI files in the Library so you need to drag these directly to the instrument track.

We have added an Instrument Channel with MIDI files and the basic chords to help you get started with the remixing! You can switch the instrument or play with the MIDI files to try other chords or create new melodies!

Each channel has a set of controls to help you listen and mix your song

FX - Opens up the channel effects panel
S - Solo the channel
M - Mute the channel
Volume Slider - Controls the volume of the channel
Pan Knob - Controls the stereo position of the channel
Automation Menu - Displays a list of automatable parameters for the channel

When your remix is finished hit Publish Track under the File menu.
Your song will be automatically published to the remix group #DariaRemix where all users can listen to and vote on the tracks.
The winner will be selected by Daria Musk and Karen Cheng from the Top 10 most voted tracks in our remix group.

Remember to post the link to your remix on your Google+ profile and #DariaRemix #soundation !

Click Hangout below the launch the remix

Start a Hangout

If you want to go more indepth with the Soundation Studio visit Soundation How-to's

You can also check out our video tutorials in our YouTube channel here Soundation YouTube